Wedding & Newborn Photographer

Capturing moments as they unfold is what I love to do.

Based in Newtown, Mid Wales, I specialise in maternity, newborn and wedding photography.

Getting married, expecting a baby, and treasuring the arrival of your newborn are moments that you will want to remember for a lifetime.

My passion is to capture these stories without forced poses or smiles, to create images that reflect the natural happiness of these magical experiences.

Photography is not just about ‘taking pictures’; it’s about creating stories that you will never forget.

My job is to illustrate your story, to tell a tale that you’ll want to revisit time after time.

Please take a look at the galleries for some examples of my recent work. If you have any questions, please contact me to get in touch.


A little bit about me

Hello, I’m Leri, the girl behind the camera.

I’m the one who’ll be ‘shussing’ your shiny new baby to capture their tiny features, or singing to your sassy toddler to get that cheeky smile.

I might even be putting the finishing touches to the Groomsmen’s buttonholes or fluffing your wedding dress to make sure that I create a perfect snapshot in time.

Photography is in my blood, and getting it right is just what I do.

 “Photography is about capturing moments, not smiles.” 


Family And Wedding Photography


Every day, I am overwhelmed at the privilege of doing what I love. My job is to capture the emotion of split seconds for you to treasure when over time, the memories start to fade.

It’s my goal to encapsulate every little detail so that you never forget a thing about your magical time.

And I love it.

Life Away From The Lens

When I’m not behind the camera or editing, I’m usually found drinking tea or eating chocolate.

My life is filled cwtching and having fun with my boys, watching a box set with the hubby, or if I am lucky, planning our next family holiday in the sun. Sunshine is my happy place.

I truly believe that life is enriched with continuous learning from the people we meet and the places we go.

Family and friends help to shape us, and love and happiness guide our growth.

I’ll never forget the memories that have influenced my choices.

My Story

My family, my own wedding and my children were the moments in my life that helped me to realise I wanted to be a professional photographer.

It was always there for me but I had to do it in my own way. Growing up, my Dad was the local ‘school photo guy’, with his own photography business. I just had to experience enough of my own life moments to realise that I wanted to follow in his footsteps, but with my own twist.

Living my own story, capturing my treasured memories, and even thinking back to all of the photos I didn’t take is why I love the job.

I love the fact a photo can make you remember forever.

At home I usually snap away on my iPhone at the boys smudging yogurt over their faces or having a water fight in the bath. Catching the interaction between them that melts my heart, so I know how it feels when a photo tells that story to always treasure.

Capturing Your Moments

Wherever I am or whoever I am with I always look for that same little glimmer in their story – capturing those little moments to make them smile again and again for a lifetime.

Helping you to fill your walls with happy memories is my greatest pleasure. Life passes us by too quickly so capturing a snippet to make it stand still is a real honour.

That is why I love photography.

This is why I would love to tell your story.


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